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Our innovative digital health platform engages consumers, healthplan employees, and employers by providing a centralized place to access in-network healthcare providers, telemedicine physicians, schedule appointments, and access all your healthcare needs.

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Telemedicine Enabled

24x7x365 Virtual Care to Doctors. Anytime, Anywhere. Access Board Certified Doctors, Pediatricians and Therapist that works for you and your schedule. For routine ailments it’s faster care and more convenient than visiting a doctor’s office.

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The CareValet app delivers a high quality healthcare experience

Compare Providers

CareValet allows consumers to search for routine care within their network, allowing you to better manage your health care spending.

Schedule Appointment

Scheduling an appointment is seamless. You have the ability to electronically request appointments with providers saving YOU time by avoiding lengthy phone calls.

Medical ID Card

CareValet allows you to have your medical ID cards available anytime, allowing you to display, text or email the card to your provider of care on your terms.

Push Notifications

CareValet will notify you when requested provider appointments have been accepted plus send you appointment reminders, and nudge you at the appointment to use CareValet when a provider is recommending additional treatments or services.

Get a Ride

Need an affordable ride to get you to your next provider appointment? One tap will get you there. Choose a ride set your location, and a car comes directly to you. You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details.

Member Engagement

Use of tool will improve channeling into proper networks while improving engagement by over 50% resulting in significant savings and quantifiable outcomes.

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At CareValet we’ve put all of these options at your fingertips in an easy to use app for your smartphone.

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